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Urban's Everyday Life - Architecture, People, and Twists


cities and sceneries.

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I fell into the world of photography when I was 9 years old. Surrounded by Barcelona's beautiful and overwhelming bustle, I was very introverted and shy. My camera lens helped me show people the way I experienced the world when words were too difficult. Words, especially written ones, have always been hard for me. They still are. My dyslexia doesn’t help, either. But through my pictures, I find the freedom to express myself. 

Why street photography? To me, this has always been a powerful type of photography. I love observing who is around me, looking for beauty in the shadows, and seeing places through my eyes - and not by stereotyped or biased knowledge. With just a camera and an unexpected moment, my pictures help me tell a story that can evoke emotion and make us all feel a little more connected.

What I really love the most is lighting and how this can change a moment in life. I like experimenting and playing with light and frames. For me, shooting on the streets is a game between the light and myself. I always think, ‘Let’s see what I can find today.’

I’ve designed my site to be simple so that the images are left to speak for themselves. I wanted to give them space to make you think about why this photo is important for me, what you see, and how it makes you think and feel. This site is still a work in progress, but I have big plans moving forward - adding new places every month and changing pictures of the cities already added.

For prices of any of the pictures, please contact me.

I’m not on social media yet, but stayed tuned.

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