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Exhibitions and Events

Read about my current exhibitions and events taking place 

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SWISSARTEXPO, Switzerland, 6th Sep - 10th Sep 2023

Work displayed in the SWISSARTEXPO


Light, reflections and shadows, Budapest (Hungary), solo exhibition.
December 6th 2023 to January 3rd 2024
at the MagNet Közösségi Ház event center
See to exhibition gallery on the following ink:

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Embark on a captivating visual journey with my unique event, where I explore the notion that despite having advanced technology at our fingertips, people are gradually losing the ability to appreciate the beauty around them. This thoughtfully curated experience is designed to guide spectators through a diverse collection of images captured during everyday walks, ranging from exotic localities to familiar surroundings. The primary goal is to inspire individuals to leverage their camera phones not just for multimedia purposes, but as tools for observation and the art of capturing light. Delve into the intricate interplay of shadows, reflections, and the transformative effects of light on various materials and times of the day. Gain a deeper understanding of how temperature and materials can alter the perception of colors. My work serves as an invitation for attendees to embark on their photographic explorations, encouraging them to observe and appreciate the world around them in a new and profound way.

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Folio Friday, Photographers' Gallery, Soho, London UK
16 - 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW
26th April 2024 from 14.00pm

Get ready for a fantastic showcase of my work! Let's chat about the work and I'd really love to hear your thoughts. Can't wait to see you there!


Light, reflections and shadows, Bristol UK (solo exhibition)
Cassart 43-45 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5NL
24th Jun 2024 till the 8Jul 2024

The exhibition shares similarities with the one in Budapest, but with a touch of localization, some images will vary to align with the specific cultural/situation context and enhance the overall goal of the exhibition.

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Exhibition,The Clifton Arcade, Bristol UK
Art gallery September 2024 - dates to be confirm

Join us for an exhibition showcasing my work alongside that of other talented local photographers.

More soon...

Art Gallery
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